Behind The Scenes at DKNY Runway FW 2014

Behind The Scenes @ DKNY Runway Fall/ Winter 2014.
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© All Rights Reserved - Clara Ungaretti
Benjamin Jarvis Model
© Clara Ungaretti
Akito Nara Model
© Clara Ungaretti
Jimmy Q Model
© Clara Ungaretti
Jimmy Q Model
© Clara Ungaretti
John Tuite Model
© Clara Ungaretti
Adonis Bosso and Jimmy Q Models
© Clara Ungaretti
May Hong Model
© Clara Ungaretti
Michael Bailey Gates and May Hong Models
© Clara Ungaretti
Daniel Inked Bamdad Model
© Clara Ungaretti
All these models liked | commented and/or started to follow me since they saw all these pictures on my Instagram. I made some print screens of all model profiles, if you would do like to follow them (or some), here they are:
Jimmy Q Model: @therealjimmyq
Michael Bailey Gates Model: @michaelbaileygates
Akito Nara Model: @akitonara
John Tuite + Carlos Santolalla Models: @jarlos420
Benjamin Jarvis Model: @benjjarviss
Nico Helbig Agent @Tomorrow Is Another Day: @nico_helbig
Thanks for your attention.
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