in Porto Alegre is a project which the main concept is to demonstrate the evolution and multiculturalism from the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre through the local architecture between years, using architectural monuments and landmarks for the iconographic representation.

For the first moment were created icons in 2D paralel with the ID of the project as well. These icons were separated by groups: 1) Museums | 2) Theatres and Concert Places | 3) Government buildings | 4) Places surrounded by Guaiba River. Each group has its own color to represent and identify it. 
The 2nd part was to apply these icons on some elements. The choice of these elements should be compatible with the idea of evolution, multiculturalism, simplicity and clarity: the concept of the project. The pieces should reinforce the concept. The application of these icons was on:

- tags
- packaging
- clothing
- housewares
- tourist guide (map)

The 3rd part of the project was to create 5 products in 3D that transmit the essence of the place through their shapes, colors and language. The line of products covered: Kitchen: "The KITCHEN UTILITY SET consisting of citrus squeezer, napkin holder, holder seasoning, dish drainer tray and snack that reproduce some landmarks from the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre. MATERIALS: ABS with rubber and HDPE polymer finish. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Squeezer: Height: 65 mm. Diameter: 85 mm. WEIGHT: 300 g. Napkin holder: Height: 120 mm. Width: 74 mm. Depth: 40 mm. WEIGHT: 50 g. PRICE: U.S. $ 300.00"

The last part of the project was to create two retail outlets in two pre-determined spaces: the city's airport and the museum of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).
The project was developed in the discipline of Integrated Project II / 2010 - Design UFRGS - by the students Clara Ungaretti (me), Caroline Krüger and Amanda Vargas and was awarded this year (2011) by The Award IDEA/Brazil, the largest national edition of the design award in the United States - the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) - one of the most respected of the world for over 30 years Honoring companies of all continents, including Apple, Microsoft, HP and Philips.
Receiving the Idea/ Brazil's prize

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