Living In A Bubble Serie

I selected these photos to be part of Living in a Bubble series. The main of this series is to sensitize each person to observe what happens around and also to make a comparison with real life and the digital life – this last one we are living so intensely. A lot of people are living in a “bubble” since spend hours on the phone browsing social media, texting, browsing predefined websites from tastes, likes, friends, acquaintances shared. Then I wonder: and the world, it walks in this script too? The bubble can be seen as a metaphor of this moment in our lives. Some photos suggest “entry into the bubble”: you can see people entering to the bubble and we can induce that they are entering this bubble like we virtually enter when we are on internet. If we look carefully, most of these photos we see people focused only on their
own phones.

This serie was publish on The Eye of Photography :: L' Oeil de la Photographie by reputed photographers and editors as Jean-Jacques Naudet (worked on PHOTO Magazine before). The link of this publication is:

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