This book was a project to my University. The objective was to create a book, any subject, using (for editoration) the software Adobe Indesign CS3/CS4. For graphic part was used Adobe Illustrator CS3/CS4.
My chosen subject: A book to divulge informations about Rotterdam. It is a completely and practical guide with all the information necessary to dive and enjoy this magnificent dutch city. (It is in portuguese, but can be available in English too)

P.s.: All photos in this book are mine (I shotted).
Following there are the inside pages of the book, such as your cover page, index, covers sections, sections within as well. (There  are not all pages, just one of each section to show the idea)
The index image above represents two pages
Two pages (spread) - Water cover section
Two pages (spread) - Water section
Two pages (spread) - Art & Culture cover section
Two pages (spread) - Art & Culture section
Two pages (spread) - Attractions cover section
Two pages (spread) - Attractions section
Two pages (spread) - Services cover section
Two pages (spread) - Services section

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